Saturday, July 29, 2006


Her friends doesn't understand why she rides so much... let me try and explain to her friends, it's a Passion!! Or simply, she ENJOYS it!! That’s all. Cycling is also very therapeutic, fun, social and best of all it keeps you in shape. BTW, as good as she looks, she's friendly and a sweetheart! One of the nicest person I have met this year. Very cool...
Have a fun ride to Montauk, drink plenty of water.
On the topic of Passion, most people don't have one, or don't realized it till much later in life. Ask yourself, Do you have a Passion? Mango Passion Smoothie from Dunkin Donut don't count.


Mother Courage and Her Children, although, Raul claims that he's not THE "star" his name is first on the list. I think he's just being modest, he mentioned something about Meryl Streep being the real star, who is that??

By Bertolt BrechtTranslated by Tony KushnerOriginal music by Jeanine TesoriDirected by George C. Wolfe

Featuring Raul Aranas, Geoffrey Arend, Max Baker, Ato Essandoh, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Glenn Fleshler, Michael Izquierdo, Eugene Jones, Kevin Kline, George Kmeck, Jenifer Lewis, Paco Lozano, Michael Markham, Larry Marshall, Jack Noseworthy, Austin Pendleton, Sean Phillips, Silvestre Rasuk, Meryl Streep, Brittany Underwood, Alexandria Wailes, Frederick Weller, Jade Wu, and Waleed F. Zuaiter

Friday, July 28, 2006

Another cyclist...

turned into a pedicabist. Good luck! Mike. He loooks like Michealangelo. Gawabunka!! Dude


Really!! he's talking to a real person, he just looks like he's talking to himself.

Doug, Crocket and the woman on the specialized

Regulars in the park

I see them all the time.


He had a slight spill today, but instead of going home and calling it the day, he stayed and rode another 4 laps with me.


He did about 100 miles when I saw him, and he still looked Fresh. Nice to be in shape.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I Finally met the House himself. he's a lot bigger than he looks, he towers over me. I wasn't intimidated by his size, he's a friendly lighthouse.

Sue, thanks for the pic, and good luck on your Triathlon! I also found out that this is actually Light house junior, but it's still the same old Larry.
This is Larry the lighthouse in January.

No Radio today Doug...

He didn't bring his radio because it might rain, so I ended up actually talking to this guy, He's alright! Next time get a water proof radio, do it for us.


Bill and Crocket.

You da man!

Friday, July 21, 2006

J.P.'s blog

J.P's Analogy, the world is the tour. I actually saw part of his interview on CBS.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

NYC Triathlon

Man.. this guy had a great Cheering squad, the guy in yellow almost trip with his camera trying to film his friend and cheer him on at the same time. He did not win, but he finished! Congrats! to all the triathletes out there, and please pleeeeeeeeease lower your gear during your climb.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Larry the light house..

I had mistaken him for the water cooler man, but he's larry the lighthouse. He was the New Jersey Marathon's mascot. Run Larry Run! I would have introduced myself to him but there were too many adoring fan chasing him. Look they were all after him, no wonder he runs so fast for a light house.


I was just snapping away and Edi came into view, she gave me the thumbs up to take her picture. Pretty face and a friendly gesture can make anyone's day, maybe I'll see her again.


He does four laps and then he hangs out in the park. He's a pretty cool guy.

King Charles Unicycle Trio, They were doing some pretty cool tricks with the basketball on their unicycle.


Good to see him back on the bike.

Giddy Up

Yep!! We even have people riding horses in Central Park. How cool is this park??

Friday, July 14, 2006

Another cyclist..

turned Pedacabist! This one is just too cool. LQQK at him, Mr. Cool.

George the slacker

He only has only about 3,700 miles so far this year, on his TRACK bike! Boy.. he's slacking, last year around this time he had about 6,000 miles and he's only 69 years young. How many miles have you ridden this year????


I still call him Henry thanks to Doug! Thanks Doug!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Future Champion..

Filip Capala, He's 16 and has 17 wins this season as a Junior, and has place pretty well in the Cat 4 races. He's going to do well in the world of cycling in the near future, just remember the name. No pressure for this weekend but win one for NYC or Central Park. All the guys here will be rooting for you.

The Sprint

The guy without the shirt won!!


His good side...

Susan, the happy rider

Look at that smile, She rang the opening bell of Nasdaq on monday.