Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Central Park Cycling News

Unofficial News from the World Championship.

Marie DeRosa, came in a close second in defending her ITT world championship. I am sure she's disappointed but she's always a champion to all of us in the park. Congratulation!! The winner was Martha Iverson also from the United States.

Lunch time Steve, will no longer be riding during lunchtime, because he lost his bike parking due to expansion of the Hospital, he was a big part of the "10-3" crowd, he will be missed!! Unless He gets one of those foldable bike. Hopefully, we see him back in the park real soon.

Hopefully.. the sun will shine soon, the rain is getting to me.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Michealangelo's new life..

People in central park don't recognize him without his nunchaku!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hard boil to the max

One of my best friend's brother website, pretty cool site. Hoang promised the next time he's in central park, he will give out autograph.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will hanging out with the guys..

Will is a personal trainer, and if you need to get in touch with him send him an email at


Will Schneider began first playing music practicing six hours a day and Study at the New School in Manhattan. His cycling career began after becoming disenchanted with the music business. After finding that studying music and athletic training require similar motivation, dedication, and discipline, he quickly became one of the most dedicated to the sport. His cycling began 17 years ago racing the local NYC USCF circuits. After discovering the intricacies, strategies and tactics of road racing, Will turned to this discipline racing full time. Along the way he has also went on to do the 2001 Master Nationals Championships and competing in Pro, 1, 2 races. He learned the hard training regiments of cycling, while living in the Northern Rockies. He logs in 1200 hours/11,000 miles a year and participates in the Pro, 1, 2 races and is a cat.2.RR
Gold medal in the 2002 State Masters Road Race Championships and also holds the silver and a bronze from past years. Also have 3 gold medals from the Big Sky State Games RR/Hill ITT. He has acquired a 2nd place finish out of 266 athletes in the 1996 Westchester Triathlon in the team division, and many more top RR finishes. Will began coaching in the last 15 years, under his guidance; athletes he has coached have obtained great results and big goals. Will puts a great deal of effort into helping athletes achieve their personal goals, from the beginner to the elite Tri/cyclist, and is certified in Advanced personal training, Personal Training and a Cycling Coach with a back round in biomechanics and kinesiology.
Certifications from: D S W FITNESS In Basic and Advanced Training for Cyclist; Advanced and Personal training from National Endurance & Sports Trainers Association.
Will and his wife currently reside in New York City.
Services and Fees $150 for 3 sessions. All sessions last 1.5 hours each)One-on-One coaching program: Custom designed training programs
Quarterly coaching program: Custom designed 7-12 week training programs including use of
Telephone Consultations
In Person Clinics and Seminars: Call or email for prices and availability
phone: (212) 663-6957 mobile (406) 490-9406


Member of Rain of kings, He's playing at the Continental on Sept. 4th.

Anna, the Iron Woman

She's a happy Triathlete, today is her day off and she's riding 60-70 miles and then a two hours swim. What a relaxing day. Wish her luck in September for the Ironman competition in Wisconsin.

Mike and Lou

It's strange seeing Mike with the "10-3" crowd. He's riding with Lou, the owner of toga bikes.

Lola and Paul?...

It cost me two cups of coffee to take their picture, but Lola gave me a free bracelet.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Filipina triathlete from L.A. with a great smile, she's training for the Triathlon in mid september at Sandy Hook, NJ. Looks like she's going to kick some butt! She loves NY (who doesn't) but she does misses her families and friends in California, so she's dedicating her race to all her peeps outwest, (I made that up) but she does misses you people outwest and she can't wait till she goes "home" and see you all.

Derek, the school teacher and tutor

If you need a tutor for Math and Science, give him a call.

Jay's and Rashid Competition, these guys are on the East side.


I see this guy dropping roadies with his mountain bike. He's a natural rider.

Mike's new bike

He just got a brand spanking new Specialized Tarmac SL, just look at that smile!!! He's one happy camper!!

Jazz band on West 72nd st.

Columbus circle

Fly girl in the back

Columbus circle

This is a totally green building.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dien and Margo

My favorite Vietnamese biker in the park. Look at him, he's always smiling.

Margo is always smiling. Always glad to see her, she makes the ride very pleasant.


Congratulation to him for being a new father, even with all those sleepless night, he's pretty damn strong. Here's how a cyclist mind works, he's already thinking of getting a trailer or a child seat for the kid. In a couple of months he will.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

John Eustice

Talking to this man, you can tell he geniunely loves the sport of cycling. He is not only a cyclist but he also organizes races, currently he's organizing a race in Pennsylvania on September 9-10th. Sparta cycling. He's a pleasant guy to chat with on a bike. He can tell you stories about his pro days or the ride around central park. For more info on John's Race check out hopefully fox picks it up.


I finally got his name right, it's not Reyas. He's strong on that mountain bike, can't imagine what he can do with a road bike. He does race in Italy! He's here for a few more days and then he's back to Italy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fluke fishing

He caught everything except a fluke.

That's a fluke! Captain Norbie Sparrow!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Life outside Central Park

Fluke, Almost a keeper, 17 and 1/2 inches. Needed to be 18.

Porgie, a keeper.
Sea bass, unfortunately, the bait was bigger than the fish.
Things went from bad to worse, Tom caught a mussel.