Monday, February 20, 2006

York and Bill

Bill and York

Bill and York, I see Bill everytime I am in the park, just like the runner, she was there today, but I think Bill scared her. Go Zoro!


Greg, He's Mr. Cool.. He's always in the park.


He has been riding in the park for years. Last Year, he logged in his second highest mileage on a bike in a year at 10,500 miles. He just turned 70 last month.

Alex, from South Ukraine

Alex has been riding in the park for decades, He just bought a brand new Pinarello Paris, I would be smiling like that if I got a new Pinarello.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Favorite subject

I see Bill no matter what time I show up in the park, he's like the "runner", except I know him.

Mr. Shadow

That's me

Allen and Alan

Alan and Allen, Allen is the one who looks like Darth Vader, his costume probably cost more than his bike, all Assos products.

Allen and John, Allen is the one in the Darth Vader costume.


She was out there for hours, and always smiling.


She must run everyday, somehow I see her run no matter what time I come out. She seem friendly, I waved and she sort of waved back, at least she acknowledge my existence. I will get her name one day, hate posting a face without a name.

Cold Models!

Man! These models were cold, it was at most 25 degree at the time, and all they had on was these light summer clothes.

Influences in the park.

It's bitter cold today, probably won't be riding. Maybe if warms up a bit later. Anyway... this is a good time to write about some of the people I meet in the park. First, I like to thank York for all the training and ass whooping he has given me through the years. He has pointed out my mistakes without yelling or screaming at me. This makes it easier to learn. He's pleasant guy to be around on and off the bike. Still learning a lot from him, you are the man!! I wanted to put something up here on York, but thanks to John Campo, I can just put a link. Just Click on York.

I have also learned a lot from Bill, Angel, Chris, Allen, Mike(s), and Daniel (whenever he's in the Park) who are also calm and don't yell. I don't mind people telling me what I did wrong. I am sure there were others, but I can't remember all the names.

People in the park that have influenced me, and still do are George, Marie, Muggy, (AKA York), Doug, Margo, Crocket, Mike(s), Allen(s), Jack, Bill(s), Max, John, Jack and whole bunch more. These people are in the park day in and day out. They are like the postal service, they are out there in the Rain, Sleet, Snow and even on Sunny days, imagine that!! And they are always pleasant. They have not only influenced me to ride more, but also how to live. I hope to get all their pictures up here before I go into hibernation during my "spring break." Thanks people, and I all see you in the Park.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I think I should use spell check sometime. And shouldn't have alcoholic beverages while updating these blogs. Just a thought.


Bill was running after the blizzard, hard core!! He's the man!

She runs in the park everyday!

I think her name is Cindy, she runs everyday for hours!

Ghetto snow shoes

He thought he was being cool.

Random people having fun!

Hard Core Active New Yorker!

It was a blizzard! One guy is delivering food.

Things topped with snow.